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A-Dependable Drug Testing is your reliable and knowledgeable source for drug & alcohol testing.

With competent technicians who are familiar with the Oil & Gas industry, A-Dependable Drug Testing is your best choice for drug and alcohol testing as well as required physicals exams.

our staff

A-Dependable Drug Testing collectors are qualified by the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA), and are also trained and qualified Breath and Alcohol Technician (BAT). A-Dependable Drug Testing's technicians have received many hours of training for on site collections and PPE safety for worksites.


Our Advantage

Coverage Area With locations across the Eagle Ford Shale and West Texas Permian Basin we are able to cover all your drug testing needs. We can be onsite with short notice and have your testing completed quickly saving you time and money.


C/TPA's We work with some of the largest C/TPA's in the industry including; DISA, AWSI, PTC, CMI. This makes it very simple to set up your company with us to start your test immediately with no delays.


Technology Introducing the FormFox system. With FormFox you save time. You can make appointments, verify that your employee has arrived and then track the process all the way to the final results. No more paper forms to keep and send with your employee means faster response time.


Mobile On-Site Down time is kept to a minimum when we come to you. Whether you have one test or one hundred tests we perform them at your site. The more tests you require, at your request, the more techs we send out insuring rapid processing saving you time and money. Our mobile unit is fully equipped and provides privacy on site at no extra charge.


Available at all A-Dependable locations.

All A-Dependable locations are E-Screen preferred.

latest news


COVID-19 Rapid Testing Now Available!

Need your test results today? We are now offering on-site testing with same day results. Our Midland and Monahans facilities are equipped and qualified to handle testing for COVID-19.


Test for Covid 19 Past Infection or Antibody Test Now available at A-Dependable in West Texas!

Antibody tests check your blood by looking for antibodies, which may tell you if you had a past infection with the virus that causes COVID-19.


We've Moved! New Granbury Corporate Office and Monahans Location

We've moved! You can now find us at our new locations!


Odessa and Kermit Office Openings!

Exciting things are happening for Adependable Drug Testing! We are expanding our operations in West Texas with the opening of 2 new locations.


A-Dependable Drug Testing Adds a State-of-the Art Mobile Unit

We’re excited to roll out our brand new Mobile Unit for on-site drug testing. It is fully equipped with all the latest equipment and features to provide the ultimate in privacy and speed.


New Offices in West Texas

The Pecos office is doing well thanks to everyone's support. Monahans was opened March 4, 2015...


West Texas Office Open in Odessa

All signs point to a strong hold by the oil and gas industry in Texas, specifically West Texas...


New Location Open in Cuero!

We have expanded our locations to a new site in Cuero to better serve the thriving oil and gas industry...


Headed West to Pecos!

In an effort to better serve the ever thriving oil and gas industry in Texas, A-Dependable is proud to announce...



We just recently wrote that we were closing our San Antonio office and opening two new locations: one in Dilley and...


We're Closing a Location... and Opening Two to Serve Our Customers Better!

It sounds a bit ironic, but it's true: in order to better serve our customers in San Antonio and the surrounding areas...